Feels like I’ve been drawing my whole life with images, colors and symbols to capture the complexities of different cultures and languages. 


I was born in Toronto in 1991, grew up in Jerusalem and live in Holon. While serving in the IDF, I spent my spare time painting murals on my base, featured in the army’s BaMachane magazine. 


In 2019, I completed a BA in Visual Communications at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT). With Tel Aviv close by, this animated workspace reveals many characters on iconic corners and local hotspots for me to illustrate. In one of my favorite projects, called “Word of Mouth” I created illustrated maps of Tel Aviv that display a variety of city routes using hand drawings, bursts of color, Adobe photoshop while combining it all with a comical touch. One of these poster maps is displayed at the municipality of TLV.


My passion is to use my skills of illustration to provide solutions to issues and ideas. 

Besides drawing and illustrating, I enjoy cooking a delicious meal with friends and family.